Gatwick Marketing is a boutique marketing company providing traditional marketing, digital marketing, social marketing and professional services to small to medium sized corporate organisations. Whatever your business, budget or requirements, we will tailor a solution right for you.

With over 15 years in marketing solutions, strategies, campaign management, branding, web design and development, event management and corporate services; Gatwick has a diverse experience and industry knowledge to ensure successful development, management , execution and analysis of marketing plans developed to meet your needs and budget.

Our success over the years has been driven by our phenomenal ability to have great business relationships with our clients and our ability to meet targets on time. Our clients include Red Planet Software, Oniqua MRO Analytics, WebRaven and Franklin Covey.

Gatwick's contribution to your company will help meet the overall corporate objectives including increasing sales, meeting targets, maximise area coverage and excel in customer service and knowledge.